Google conducts TechTalk on Google Gadgets

I just came from Google's TechTalk on Google Gadgets & Developer products.

Around two hundred (mostly LAMP and Java; I certainly felt OP being a .NET guy) software devs attended, the first time Google organized a developer event in the Philippines.

FilAm Google engineers Jay Aguilar and Franklin Naval gave the talk, where they gave overviews of new technologies from Mountainview, namely, iGoogle and Google Gadgets, Open Social, and Android.

They also called for possible mentors for Google's Summer of Code and opportunities for Filipinos to work with Google.

While the talk was all good, it was a wee bit bitin, with only a glimpse of the new technologies. One of the participants was obviously wishing for a deeper discussion of Android.

Nevertheless it was a great opportunity to meet other devs and bloggers, as I got to meet other bloggers (some for the first time) like Aileen (who organized the event), Juned, Markku, AJ, Eugene and Janette.

Congratulations to Aileen to being able to pull this event off in such a short time (1 week?!) and we hope that it will be followed by a deeper, more in-depth dev talk where we can munch, grok, and demo real code. :)

UPDATE: Aileen posted her blog entry on the TechTalk, complete with videos of the whole talk. 😀

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Jon Limjap has been programming since he was 12 and hasn't stopped yet. He was gone for a while in iOS and Java land, but is now back in .NET searching for unicorns and hunting down dragons.
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5 Responses to Google conducts TechTalk on Google Gadgets

  1. Hello Jon. Nice to catch up with you. I agree with your observation that since the event was dubbed a developers night, expectations was high for code demo. Hopefully, they can do that next time.

  2. Joel says:

    It was pretty disappointing. The talk was not even polished for developers. Is that how Google sees tech people from the Philippines? It’s a shame too they they were not able to answer more in depth questions.

  3. Some Person says:

    Gusto ko lang po malaman, meron po bang ibinigay na certification of attendance?

  4. LaTtEX says:


    I know. I had the impression it was a hastily put-together talk that was more of marketing than anything else, though I don’t think it had anything to do with us being Filipino.

    Some Person,


  5. markku says:

    Kita-kita ulit next time! :)

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