Stack Overflow to go live soon

Stack OverflowIf you are an avid reader of Jeff Atwood or Joel Spolsky, you would have already heard of Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a programmer's question and answer site that seeks to refine the concept that Experts Exchange bungled up on theirs.

The site has been working so great within its closed beta that even Robert Scoble noted how companies should strive for its PR-less popularity. It has likewise become so addictive due largely to a karma-like system wherein reputation points are gained by users voting up or down answers made by fellow users. Some beta testers have spoofed it as Crack Overflow.

I am fortunate enough to have been a beta tester for Stack Overflow since early August, and I am excited to finally see Stack Overflow go live. I got to go on the beta presumably because I was talking about it so much on twitter, and Jeff saw my twits. I guess I have to thank twitter for that. 😛

During the past month Stack Overflow has gone through various challenges, with users openly seeking its vulnerabilities and web server and database loads being brought to extremes. Despite some down times and various security fixes, as well as changes in the reputation voting systems to properly reward good users, discourage users gaming the system for points, and allow the community to moderate their peers, I believe that the site has only become as good as ever.

Stack Overflow is scheduled to go live by the end of August (presumably, that means it should go live by September 1st) but it's still unclear whether the launch will push through at that date. Expect that I immediately blog or, more certainly, twit about it once it goes live.

When it does go live I hope that more Filipinos and Southeast Asian developers would join the site (their presence is a bit sparse by far). Having said that, it doesn't matter where you come from -- if you are a software developer and you want a great place to find the answers to even the most obscure of questions, for free and without those annoying ads, join Stack Overflow when you get the chance!

To find up-to-date news on Stack Overflow, and to learn more about what it is and how it works, subscribe to the Stack Overflow blog.

Update: Stack Overflow is now in open beta, and is officially scheduled to go live on Monday, September 15, 2008 (more likely early morning September 16 for us in Asia).

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Jon Limjap has been programming since he was 12 and hasn't stopped yet. He was gone for a while in iOS and Java land, but is now back in .NET searching for unicorns and hunting down dragons.
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  1. MrValdez says:

    “When it does go live I hope that more Filipinos and Southeast Asian developers would join the site (their presence is a bit sparse by far).”

    I’m part of a small community of Filipino developers (check out my site, I’ll post about Stack Overflow when they go live.

    I guess we’ll see more Filipinos register once someone at devpinoy post about it. :)

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